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Freitag - 30.09.2005

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CD-i Emulator v0.5.2 um 11:48:51 von winfy
Endlich ist er da!
Der schon vor Tagen angekündigte Philips CD-i Emulator für Windows wurde nun veröffentlicht.
Ihr könnt euch die limitierte Version bei uns herunterladen. Die Vollversion soll allerdings 25 € kosten.

    Starting right now, the Limited edition of my CD-i Emulator program, version 0.5.2, can be downloaded from the CD-i Emulator Home website. This edition is limited to at most three minutes of emulation between CD-i player resets.

    Version 0.5.2 still has many issues, but I feel that it is good enough for a first public release. Be sure to check out the Release Notes and Player Support sections of the website, and don't forget to read the README, HOWTO and RELNOTES documents included with the emulator!

    For paying customers, the corresponding unlimited edition will be available some time tomorrow. It does not have any emulation time limit and will support loading and saving of NVRAM contents.

    As it is still September, I feel that I have met my "starting September" commitment. After all, I didn't state when in September!

Sonntag - 25.09.2005

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CD-i Emulator v0.51 im Betatest um 14:07:53 von winfy
Wir hatten im August darüber berichtet das an einen Philips CD-i Emulator für Windows gearbeitet wird. Eine erste Teaser-Version sollte in diesem Monat erscheinen.
cdifan hat in seinem Forum angekündigt das sich diese Version nun im Betatest befindet.

    Today a new beta version will be going out to the beta testers; this will be the initial release unless they find a show-stopping bug.

    CD-i player ROM and CD-i title compatibility is reasonable (I think) but certainly not perfect, but this can only be fixed with bugreports from the field.

Montag - 01.08.2005

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CD-i Emulator v0.51 beta Screenshots um 13:59:00 von winfy
Wie erst kürzlich berichtet wird an einem neuen Philips CD-i Emulator für Windows gearbeitet.
Es wurden nun neue Screenshots veröffentlicht.
Eine erste Teaserversion des Emulators soll im nächsten Monat folgen. Die Vollversion soll allerdings Geld kosten!

Donnerstag - 21.07.2005

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CD-i Emulator v0.51 beta WIP News um 00:49:51 von winfy
Bisher gab es nur genau einen CD-i Emulator namens "CD-Ice". Dieser konnte allerdings nur das Spiel "Rise of the Robots" emulieren und war in einem frühen Betastatus. Nun gibt es endlich auch einmal WIP News von einem neuen Philips CD-i Emulator für Windows.
Die Screenshots sehen vielversprechend aus und eine erste öffentliche Version soll im September 2005 folgen. Die Vollversion soll allerdings Geld kosten.

    The CD-i Emulator program provides a fairly complete emulation of the hardware of a CD-i player. The program is currently in a controlled beta test and will be available for Windows starting September 2005. A limited edition will be available for free, a small fee will be required for the full version.

    In order to actually run CD-i software, the emulator needs copies of the CD-i player ROMs....

    At the current time only the ROMs from a subset of CD-i players are fully compatible with the emulator; this is being worked on and future player compatibility updates will be free. Full details will be available when the software is released.

    A reasonably fast PC is needed to get acceptable performance; a Pentium 1.5 GHz is probably about minimal...

    The emulator does not currently support emulation of the Digital Video Cartridge, except for the extra memory it contains; for some CD-i software this is enough. This will be remedied in a future version.


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