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Montag - 21.04.2008

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CPCemu v1.6 beta um 06:04:12 von kallez
CPCemu ist ein Amstrad CPC Emulator für Windows und Linux.
    I have corrected two bugs in CPCemu (relating to directly starting a snapshot). Thanks go to Troels K for reporting them.

    After updating to the latest version of the graphics library CPCemu might be (more?) Vista-compatible now. However, I don't know if it was incompatible to it before... I would be glad ...

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Donnerstag - 05.07.2007

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Speccy v1.4 um 11:36:20 von kallez
Speccy ist ein Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16kB, 48kB, und 128kB ,Spectrum +2, +2A, und +3 ,Timex Sinclair TC2048 und TS2068 Emulator für Windows.
    This version adds support for the uPD765-based disk drives used in the ZX Spectrum +3, CPCEMU disk images (.DSK), and cheat files (.POK). There is also a new built-in menu option to manage cheats and multiple small bugfixes throughout...

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