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Freitag - 28.03.2008

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Chip8me v1.0 um 21:24:00 von kallez
Chip8me ist ein CHIP-8 Emulator für den Nintendo DS. Die Neuerungen sind:
    -CPU: Added SCHIP support
    -CPU: Fixed SP (it was skipping the first one)
    -CPU: RND opcode fixed (fixes VBRIX bugs)
    -CPU: LD Vx, K (Wait for keypress) fixed
    -GUI: Added directory support
    -GUI: Added file-sorting
    -GUI: Long names are now short when displaying
    -Misc: Fixed some memory overflows
    -Misc: fixed some debugging problems
    -Misc: Added auto-zoom (fit to screen, schip has different resolution)
    -Misc: Added 'reset to default' option
    -Misc: Added few options ('reset to default' and 'save and continue')
    -Others: some minor fixes.

Donnerstag - 27.03.2008

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Chip8me v0.9 um 09:00:51 von kallez
Chip8me ist ein neuer CHIP-8 Emulator für den Nintendo DS.
    This is the first emulator I coded, so I hope you don't getvery angry if you find any bug :(

    I didn't find any bug yet, just some games that goes buggy sometimes.. but I've tried it on other chip8 emulators and it happens too, so it's not my problem :P

    Chip8me has a keyboard on bottom screen so you can press all the 16 buttons it have (it's impossible for NDS to use
    16 buttons, and all games uses it in a different way, so I can't make a "default" key config).

    Chip8me can detect which game keys are used to play with, and tells you by changing the button colour (blue).

    -Keyboard with game-keys (autodetection).
    -Zoom 1x, 2x or 4x.
    -Ability to change chip8 default colors.
    -100% compatible with chip8 games (all I've tried)
    -Nice file selection GUI (avoids non-chip8 roms)
    -Go back to file browser by pressing SELECT button
    -If the game is waiting for a keypress, the green light turns yellow. (Critical error: red light)

    Note: Needs DLDI Patch!


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