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Donnerstag - 12.04.2007

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DragonDC bin a11 um 08:21:54 von kallez
DragonDC ist ein Dragon 32/64 Emulator für die Dreamcast.
    Here is the Developer release of DragonDC. Includes last Dreamcast port formed by binary and source.

    DragonDC is a Dragon 32/64 & Tandy Color Computer emulator and is created on a preliminary port of Quzar, based on Ciaran Anscomb's XRoar 0.11.

    It needs a GUI like DCider urgently and a few adjustm...

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Dienstag - 10.04.2007

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DCider 07 um 18:29:58 von kallez
DCider ist ein Apple II+ and IIe Emulator für die Dreamcast.
    The purpose of this release is to share with all DC coders, in order to add a GUI and improve speed, disk images file manager, etc...

    Instructions and Makefile are included, anyway i'll try to help as much as possible

    Feel free to post your comments. In a few days DragonDC Bin + Source Code wil...

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Mittwoch - 03.05.2006

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DragonDC 32/64 0.9a um 18:27:41 von kallez
DragonDC ist ein Dragon 32/64 Emulator für die Dreamcast.
    This new version that I present/display to you is very near the real speed of the Dragoon and as newness the access to implemented disc already this. In order to be able to use the single DragonDC tán tendreis that to execute it in your Dreamcast. The keyboard at the moment is necessary, since this alpha which tri...

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Sonntag - 31.07.2005

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DragonDC 01 (Demo Version) um 11:37:16 von winfy
DragonDC ist ein neuer Dragon 32/64 Emulator für die Sega Dreamcast Konsole.
Diese Version ist allerdings noch in einem frühen Stadium.

Danke an wraggster für die NEWS!


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