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Donnerstag - 23.03.2006

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Frodo4DS v0.2 um 22:26:47 von kallez
Der C64 Emulator Frodo4DS wurde aktualisiert. Hier was der Author dazu schreibt.
    Ok finally tested on the m3 sd and it still broken in version 0.1 , I grabbed the FAT lib from the mp3play10 source since it was reported the it was working with m3 sd, but disabled write support just in case and have attached those new version to this post, if the previous version wont work ...

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Dienstag - 21.03.2006

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Frodo4DS v0.1 um 10:31:19 von kallez
Im Zuge der NeoFlash Competition wurde nun auch der C64 Emulator mit einigen Modifikationen freigegeben. Hier die Informationen dazu:

    This is a port of Frodo, by Christian Bauer, with modifications for the nds by Troy Davis(GPF). The original source code is obtainable from The home page of the NDS port is http://gpf.dc...

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