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Donnerstag - 14.09.2006

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Glide64 Wrapper 9 um 15:09:06 von kallez
Glide64 ist ein GPU Plugin für N64 Emulatoren wie z.B. Project64, 1964 oder Mupen64. Es benutzt die 3dfx Glide3x API. Hier die Neueurungen:
    Wrapper: Added support for monochrome texture buffers (dynamic shadows, black-and-white cut scenes). Hacktarux created yet another miracle
    Added support for high resolutions (mudlord's fix).
    Plugin: Fixed some combiners.

Dienstag - 29.08.2006

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Mupen Dynarec x86 um 16:02:29 von Hammel
Mupen Dynarec ist eine Weiterführung von Mupen64. Mupen Dynarec wurde so umgeschrieben, dass dieser nun auf x86 Macs läuft.

    It is capped at 50 fps and does not dip below 44 fps with the dynarec core. Even on demanding games such as zelda.

    Yes, the dynarec works on x86! and yes it is _fast_ I recently talked to hacktarux, who is the original creator of mupen64, hacktarux and I seem interested in continuing work on mupen64. So what does this mean for the future of mupen64 on osx? Assuming I continue work, there should be plugin/bundle support for mupen64 on osx. Meaning, that anyone who wants to have joystick support can go out and make a plugin for mupen64. I won't be the only point of origin to bug for mupen64 features.

    And here it is -

    Dynarec does work! However, it does crash on rom exit. This is yet another unofficial release.

    Some good news for PPC users. Hacktarux mentioned he might be interested in writing a PPC dynarec core. Who knows, he might eventually do it.

Montag - 11.04.2005

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Hacktarux Glide Wrapper v0.3.4 um 13:47:54 von Hammel
Hacktarux hat eine neue Version seine Glide Wrappers released. Hier was er zum Release schreibt:
    It was a real pain in the ass but now fog works on ATI cards. It looks like i couldn't use the fogcoord extension with glsl on these cards so i had to use some really dirty tricks. Thanks to olivieryuyu for hours of testing to help me figuring out how to do this.


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