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Sonntag - 14.10.2007

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Maximus Arcade v2.10 Beta 2 um 06:10:21 von kallez
Vom (Shareware) multi Frontend (u.a. für MAME, Daphne, PSX) wurde eine neue beta freigegeben.
    - Right-mouse click accessible menu for exiting game/emulator/frontend available on black screen after launching game
    - Support for Future Pinball 1.6 emulator
    - Support for Raine 0.50.5 emulator
    - Support for Sega Model 2 emulator
    - Support for NullDC emulator (S...

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Montag - 09.07.2007

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CPS3 Emulator v1.0 um 05:11:42 von kallez
Der CPS3 Emulator wurde nun in einer neuen Version freigegeben. Das schreibt der Autor zum Release:
    This is the final version of the CPS3 emulator.

    It adds transparency effects (not actual transparency, but
    well it looks like that :) ), although it's not fully understood yet.

    Fixed palette transformation for flashes, and fadein/outs, now blacks prope...

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Dienstag - 13.03.2007

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Haze’s Mame WIP um 08:42:58 von kallez
Haze hat seine WIP-Site mit folgenden News aktualisiert:
    When Great Minds Combine

    This isn’t my WIP, but the progress made in the last few days has been fascinating to watch.

    ElSemi and Ernesto Corvi have been bouncing mails around for the past couple of days, trying to make sense of the Model 2/2A TGP programs without the aid of any documentation. I think the results speak for themselves. (Note, these are Nebula M2 shots, NOT MAME)

    I may add a few shots of other titles later, but I’m sure this WIP will bring some smiles even without.

    Congratulations to ElSemi and Ernesto on this progress.

    *edit* Desert Tank — apparently has some problems with the collisions still

    *edit2* Sky Target — camera goes upside down sometimes

    *edit3* Virtua Cop — no enemies

    *edit4* Motoraid

Danke an Emu#Dreams für die News.

Mittwoch - 21.02.2007

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Final Burn Evolution 3.04 um 09:46:21 von kallez
Eine neue Version des Multi Arcade Emulators FiNaL BuRn EvOLuTioN ist erschienen.

New version of the Final Burn Evolution I contend several bugs corrected, new options and most important, COMPLETE emulation of plate CPS2, without no type of hack or XOR, following faithful the original hardware and with Brazilian support to all the ROMs of the games of the Capcom, valley the penalty to confer. It sees what it moved:

  • Removed the default overclocking on games - It's better to follow the real hardware as this causes bugs...
  • Fixed graphics bug on "Lansquenet 2004"
  • Fixed bug on "SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom" and clones
  • Fixed "Ninja Combat" and "Ninja Commando"
  • Removed "Metal Slug (Bootleg)" - useless bootleg...
  • Fixed bug with Universe BIOS and AES mode - The game was resetting after a while
  • Added "Garou - Mark of the Wolves (Bootleg)"
  • Updated V3 ROM "240-v3.bin" on


  • Added the real decryption for CPS2 68K program ROMs
  • Removed ALL CPS2 XORs - They are not needed since the encryption is broken
  • All "Not Working" CPS2 games now works – Again, because of the decryption code
  • Fixed all default CPS1 Dip Switches - Now it matches M.A.M.E dips
  • Fixed bug that crashed FB Evo. when loading a Q-Sound game with the sound disabled - Thanks to iq_132
  • Fixed bug on CPS2 games when loading changed dip options on hardware (F2 button)
  • Re-added "Puzz Loop 2 (010205 Japan)" and added "Puzz Loop 2 (Euro 010302)"
  • Added Choko "(010820 Japan)"
  • Added "Jyangokushi - haoh no saihai (990527 Japan)"
  • Updated ROMs on "" and ""
  • Fixed ROMs on "[4 Players]" sets
  • Added "Darkstalkers - The Night Warriors (940705 USA, Phoenix)"

Misc Games

  • Fixed bug on "Rainbow Island"
  • Fixed bug on "Prehistoric Isle in 1930"
  • Added "Thunder Heroes"
  • Added the new Misc. drivers from the latest FBA (BH) - Thanks to Treble Winner


  • Added the following games:

    • Action Fighter
    • Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars
    • Fantasy Zone
    • Quartet
    • Shinobi
    • Time Scanner

Thanks to Treble Winner for the drivers


  • Re-added support for Windows 9x versions
  • Added "Save CPS2 XORs" option - This option will allow you to save your own XOR files from all the CPS2 games, generated by the emulator using the real decryption code
  • Added a checkbox for Psikyo games
  • Added a checkbox for Sega games
  • Removed "Invoke debugger..." option
  • Added support to cheat files from M.A.M.E and Nebula / Kawaks - Thanks to iq_132 for the code
  • Changed the player descriptions in the input dialog (Player 0 becomes Player 1, etc.) - Thanks to Treble Winner for the code


  • Re-added 3x Punch and 3x Kick macro for CPS fighting games (they don't cause de-sync on games)
  • Fixed loss of frames during in-game chat

*Special thanks to Avens, jackchatelet and Zechs Marquise for the help on finding these bugs

PS: If your graphics card is too old and doesn't support the "Direct3D 7" blitter, download Final Burn Evolution (DirectDraw) 3.04 at forums. Download it only if your VGA doesn't support it, otherwise stick with this version.

Danke an 1emulation für die News.

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Nebula v2.25b um 20:35:38 von kallez
Vom Multi Arcade Emulator Nebula ist eine neue Version veröffnentlicht worden. Danke an 1emulation für die News!

While I finish nebula 2.26, here is a quick update to thank the people that donated me a PGM mainboard and the cart to extract the Knights of Valour Super Heroes internal protection program...

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Nebula 2.26 WIP um 08:57:26 von kallez
Vom multi Arcade Emulator Nebula gibt es folgende WIP News welche die PGM emulation mit Nebula 2.26 zeigt. Hier ein paar Screens :D

Knighs of Valour Superheroes

Martial Masters

Danke an Emu-France für die News.

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ParaJVE WIP um 07:37:35 von kallez
Zum in JAVA geschriebenen Vectrex Emulator ParaJVE gibt es folgende WIP News:

What have I been up to recently, concerning ParaJVE? Well, lots of small things have been done, that may not necessarily shows right now, but that will come in handy in the future. Most notably:

  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the emulator's memory mapping :

    • Before, if the emulated program accessed an area of memory that does not exist on the real Vectrex, the emulator's VM would terminate execution - with a self explanatory "invalid memory access" exception, mind you ;)
      It appears that the Vectrex is quite relaxed regarding these accesses, so I finally redirected all the nonexistent memory address space to a NullMemory handler that returns 0 on reads, and discards writes.

    • Fixed a stupid bug where the emulated program could write into a read-only address space (ROM and CARTRIDGE areas) - Yes, there are ROMs around that have bugs causing this kind of behaviour ;) ... Needless to say, this was fixed in 2 minutes once the problem has been diagnosed.

      Which leads us to the next point...

  • As I needed some kind of tool that would allow an easier diagnosis of crashes in the emulated program, I implemented a back-trace feature, along with its GUI.

    When back-trace recording is enabled (slows down the emulation a bit on "not-so-fast" computers), any crash in the VM immediately opens the back-trace window, that shows the history of executed instructions, along with the registers/stack content.

    In the end this module will also make a neat debugging addition (coupled with other stuff like breakpoints) when I'll start to implement a vectrex developer debug toolbox in ParaJVE.

  • Since the overlays rendering obviously appears way too dark, I started to try and make my own versions (Starting from an opaque picture of the overlay, I'm creating a picture made of several layers with different transparency).

    The few ones I completed look much better, so it sounds like I'll finally have to make them all (which is very time consuming, as I'm not that proficient in using GIMP) - Thus this task has been postponed...

  • The next version will include the games documentations, whose browsing will be triggered by a menu in the emulator... Thus I had to convert all the text docs into HTML. After having converted one by hand, I figured out rather quickly that it would be much more easy if this was performed by an automated program instead ;)

    Hence the conversion tool was coded in a rush, and all the HMTL documentations are now ready for inclusion. Maybe I will add them as standalone download package as well, since some people may be interested in grabbing these HTML docs alone.

  • I've started to ask several homebrew authors if I could include their games in the next version, and they kindly agreed -- so expect Thrust from Ville Krumlinde, Nebula Commander and Revector from Craig Aker to be embedded in the next packaging.

    As a consequence, I made a few modifications to the configuration file to support new information about the available games (release date and version, author's name and homepage URL, documentation path, and so on). Of course, the game selection dialog will display these pieces of information, but it's not implemented yet.

  • Last but not least, I lately started to work seriously on the sound emulation (based on a C source form MESS/MAME).

    I now have something that is roughly working, outside of ParaJVE (The sound "commands" & time stamps were previously recorded within ParaJVE, so that they can be played back later by the offline sound emulation routines).

    But for unknown reasons, the sound routines stop to work correctly as soon as they are embedded in the emulator. It seems that I'm having timing/threads problems again, but it needs more investigations.

    And to finish, just an additional remark :

    I am well aware of the FPS problem that plagues the current version (eg. The FPS counter displays 60, but the games runs like it's 80 or even more). Although I don't consider it to be a top priority task at the moment, I'll eventually try and fix that sooner or later. :)

Danke an Emu#Dreams für die News.

Samstag - 16.09.2006

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Nebula v2.25SP Official International Version um 08:50:15 von kallez
Nebula ist ein multi Arcade Emulator für Windows.
    Fix Nebula,make it support parent rom from kov2,and now kov2+kov2106+kov2p is much smaller(1/3 as before);
    Fix kov2106,It can be played now;
    Add kov2p205;
    Fix kov2's name rule ,now the same as mame,you can use mame's kov2 to play with nebula2.25sp;

    Add Knight of Valour - LuXun(hack),Knight of Valour Super plus(hack),Knight of Valour plus heros(similar to
    kovsh,hack),Knight of Valour Super Heros(could only watch the start,unplayable),Oriental Legend plus v2.0(hack);
    Two Language could be chosen:Chinese or English;
    Delete the key from nebula2.25sp test version,more eazier to play;
    Support more than 1000 games(include lots of hack neogeo and cps games),use cps version or neogeo version(only with Chinese);

    nebula2.25sp-cps.exe To play CPS games and PGM games(include kov2p204)
    nebula2.25sp-neogeo.exe To play Neogeo games and PGM games(include kov2p205)
    nebula2.25sp-english.exe To play Cps,Neogeo and PGM games(include kov2p204,not include hacked neo and cps games,the romdata
    is the same to official nebula2.25);

PS: Dies ist eine gehackte Version. Daher werden wir keine Fragen diesbezüglich beantworten.

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Nebula v2.25 um 11:23:23 von McDuck
Nach langer Zeit wieder eine neue Version von Nebula. Neu ist:
    * NEOGEO
  • Updated drivers. Thanks to Wesker, MR-J and the rest of people in boards
  • Unlocked games up to New Power Instinct Matrimelee
  • Fixed garou raster effect missing in pre-battle talk
  • Added proper neopcm2 decryption.
  • Some code has been rewritten to i...

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Logiqx Dats Updates um 18:54:47 von Hammel
Die Dats von Logiqx wurde mit dem neuen MAME Release gleich mit aktualisiert. Ansonsten gibt es noch neue Dats für FBA (Supplements), Nebula (Supplements), Kawaks (Supplements), M1 (Supplements), Nebula Jukebox (Supplements),
CPS-2 (Supplements) und Neo-Geo.

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Neues von LOGIQX um 13:27:21 von Hammel
Die Seite welche sich mit Arcade Dats und Tools beschäftigt hat folgendes Neues:
  • WinKawaks v1.52 and CPS-2 20050103
  • Also, I have updated a variety of the Older Emus data files. All of them are available in one big ZIP!
  • Released DatUtil v2.10 and DatLib v1.13
  • Some of my previous updates from the past few days seem to have disappeared too so I have re-uploaded ...

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Model 2 Emulator v0.1 Alpha um 22:48:55 von Hammel
Der neue Sega Model 2 Emulator wurde heute released. Der Nebula M2 Model 2 Kernel wurde neu geschrieben mit einem neuen Framework (benötigt DX 9).

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MAMEInfo.DAT v0.84 um 01:42:57 von BBS
Mash hat nun auch seine Informationsdatei für MAME aktualisiert und dabei die aktuellen Änderungen im Quellcode sowie die Änderungen von Nebula v2.24, Nebula 2 v0.9b, RAINE v0.40.4, VAntAge v1.12 und ZiNc mit übernommen.

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Nebula v2.24 um 19:50:38 von BBS
Nebula ist ein multi Arcade Emulator für Windows und wurde mit folgendem aktualisiert:

  • sämtliche Neogeo Romnamen sind nun gleich mit der aktuellen MAME Version
  • die KOF98 Protection wurde überarbeitet, bitte die alte KOF98.SRM entfernen
  • HQ2x Plugin hinzugefügt

Freitag - 21.11.2003

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ROMManager v4.20 um 09:00:32 von BBS
ROMManager ist ein ROM-Tool für Windows und wurde mit folgendem aktualisiert:

  • DAT Arcade - MAME [aktualisiert auf 0.77]
  • DAT Arcade - Nebula (Non-MAME) [aktualisiert auf 2.23d, Model2 0.9b]
  • DAT Arcade - andere emulierte Arcadespiele
  • DAT Arcade nicht-emuliert - 1980-1989
  • DAT Arcade nicht-emuliert - 1990-1999
  • DAT Misc - MAME Samples [aktua...

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ClrMamePro v3.08 um 13:39:40 von BBS
ClrMamePro ist ein ROM-Tool für Windows und wurde mit folgendem aktualisiert:

  • Support für das neue, bald-erscheinende CHD Format
  • DAT-Files aktualisiert: PocketHeaven GBA, MAME Control Panels
  • Logiqx Updates: Nebula Model 2

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Nebula Model 2 v0.90b um 18:37:55 von BBS
Nebula Model 2 ist ein SEGA Model 2 Arcadeemulator für Windows und wurde mit folgendem aktualisiert:

  • einige Soundfehler bei 2B Spielen behoben
  • STCC Sound überarbeitet
  • Fehler in der DSP-Emulation behoben
  • Force Feedback Option in der NEBULA.INI überarbeitet

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Nebula v2.23d um 09:27:51 von BBS
Nebula ist ein Capcom System 1 & 2 und SNK Neogeo Arcade Emulator für Windows. Hier die News:

    SNK Neogeo CD
  • CD Emulation überarbeitet
  • Schreibschutz beim Spiel Soccer Brawl überarbeitet

  • Fehler bei der Emulation von PGM Spielen behoben

  • DAT Dateifehler behoben

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Nebula Model 2 v0.9a um 08:34:53 von BBS
Nebula Model 2 ist ein SEGA Model 2 Arcadeemulator für Windows und wurde mit folgendem aktualisiert:

  • Top Skater Soundroms und Digital Soundboard 2 Emulation hinzugefügt
  • experimentelles Force Feedback für Model 2B Spiele hinzugefügt
  • einige Fehler im 2C DSP behoben (SEGA Touring Car Championship)
  • einige Fehler im Analogsteuerungscode behoben

Donnerstag - 14.08.2003

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Nebula v2.23c um 12:15:59 von BBS
Nebula ist ein Capcom System 1+2 und SNK Neogeo Emulator für Windows. Hier die News:

    Capcom System 2
  • neue CPS2Shock XOR Tabellen hinzugefügt

    SNK Neogeo
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 hinzugefügt
  • einige Probleme mit der Multislotemulation behoben
  • Spieletreiber und BIOS-Namen sind nun wieder synchron mit der letzten MA...

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