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Dienstag - 22.08.2006

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MMSPlus Release 2 um 20:33:49 von kallez
MMSPlus ist ein Master System und Game Gear Emulator für die PSP und hat ein bugfix erhalten.
    # Sorry, I've made some mistakes in the posted version that I didn't have time to test because I finished yesterday evening, so this one is now fixed: The neoflash logo which was using 32-bit mode didn't restore 16-bit at the end, causing a ~15% performance loss.
    # Current s...

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Mittwoch - 16.08.2006

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ColecoDS v1.0 um 14:45:15 von Hammel
Im Zuge der NeoFlash Competition wurde ColecoDS, ein Coleco Vision Emulator für den Nintendo DS, in der Version 1.0 released. Hier die Infos zum Emulator:
    Features :
    Most things you should expect from an emulator.
    Ingame progress saving.

    Missing :
    Sounds are not very nice in some games, I will inprove them ... soon :°...
    The menu will be change with my futur generic arcade menu for all my emulators Smiley
    All that is not yet emulated Wink

    Check updates on my web site :

    List of emulated games
    Most of the colecovision games.

    See the readme.txt file CAREFULLY for the detail of how to use this emulator.

Freitag - 23.06.2006

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PicoDriveDS v0.1.4 um 08:42:33 von kallez
Der Genesis/ Mega Drive Emulators für den Nintendo DS PicoDriveDS wurde wieder aktualisiert. Die Neuerungen sind:
  • Fixed bug where R could scroll past end of file list
  • Switched to unified builds, now one build should work for all SD/CF carts (thanks WinterMute)
  • Added NeoFlash MK2/MK3 support (thanks WinterMute)
  • Changed it so that pressing S...

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Samstag - 01.04.2006

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NeoFlash Coding Competition Results um 00:38:43 von Hammel
Die NeoGlash Coding Competition ist beendent und die Ergebnisse wurden nun veröffentlicht:
    Nintendo DS Games
    • Top 1: Tales of Dagur --- By LiraNuna
    • Top 2: Aztec Challenge --- By Bodom-Child
    • Top 3: Cosmic Invaders --- By Milpool
    • No.4 : GameBox DS --- By Gwoin
    • No.5 : Fushido --- By Didou
    • No.6 : Cutrix! --- ...

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Frodo4DS v0.1 um 10:31:19 von kallez
Im Zuge der NeoFlash Competition wurde nun auch der C64 Emulator mit einigen Modifikationen freigegeben. Hier die Informationen dazu:

    This is a port of Frodo, by Christian Bauer, with modifications for the nds by Troy Davis(GPF). The original source code is obtainable from The home page of the NDS port is http://gpf.dc...

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Montag - 20.03.2006

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MarcaDS v2.5 um 15:14:36 von Hammel
Im Zuge der NeoFlash Competition wurde nun auch eine neue Version des Arcade Emulator für den Nintendo DS released. Hier die Informationen dazu:
    MarcaDS is an arcade emulator.
    It use the same principle than Mame but it's not using its code,Mame is too huge
    for our little DS Smiley, but it's just my opinion.
    To use this emulator, you must have compatibles ROMS ...

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Watari v0.4 um 15:09:09 von Hammel
Watari ist ein Watara Supervision Emulator für den Nintendo DS. Hier die Neuerungen:
    0.1 - Private
  • Initial port of Potator
  • Keys and Gfx working
  • Reset Key combination

    0.2 - Private
  • Color Scheme Selection
  • Filesystem semi-working

    0.3 - Private
  • Filesystem working

    0.4 - Public
  • neoflash splash screen added
  • rom selection shortcut key
  • attempted sound (but failed ><)

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