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Mittwoch - 14.03.2007

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ViBe WIP um 12:06:45 von kallez
R. Belmont arbeitet an einer Windows und Linux Version von Richard Bannister's Virtual Boy Emulator ViBE.
    For years, the worldís best emulator for Nintendoís ill-fated Virtual Boy system has been ViBE, by Gil Pedersen and Richard Bannister. It supports full sound, full graphics (including red/blue 3d glasses mode), and all the hardware tricks the dozen or so known commercial games for the thing could pull. But as you might suppose from those two gentlemen being behind it, itís been Mac-only. Until now. Iím happy to announce that versions for Linux (x86, x86-64, and PowerPC) and Windows (32-bit) are cooking, and starting to bubble.

    Oh, and for all you long-suffering folks waiting for Linux NEStopia, itís almost ready, complete with the latest 1.36 core. I donít give release dates, but barring any major catastrophe donít leave your house this weekend ;-)


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