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Donnerstag - 13.12.2007

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ZeroPAD v0.2 um 13:28:33 von kallez
Das Input Plugin ZeroPAD wurde aktualisiert.
    It's about time Linux users had a proper pad plugin! ZeroPAD now supports gamepads including analog axes... which some games are impossible to play without! So if you are a Linux user and are dying to play pcsx2 with a gamepad, please update the sourceforge svn or download the zeropad plugin sources below. If you are downloadin...

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Montag - 02.04.2007

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PCSX2 v0.9.3 Linux um 07:38:03 von kallez
Nach langer Zeit wurde nun auch die Linux Version des Playstation 2 Emulators PCSX2 aktualisiert worden.

The Penguin Returns - 0.9.3 Linux Release

Well linux users, we promised we'd have you back and here is the living breathing proof!

Along with this release you have a couple of new plugins exclusively!

  • ZeroPAD - New pad plugin based off Twinpad, PADWinkeyb and SSSPSX Pad.
  • ZeroGS OGL - An OpenGL conversion of ZeroGS. No more GSSoft for you Wink

    You also have available a 32bit and 64bit build for your pleasure, we do spoil you sometimes! Take note the 64bit version is far from finished!
    The next release will be much quicker than the current implimentation... head over to the download section to grab it.

    WINDOWS USERS:- I have some bad news for you, there will be no 0.9.3 for windows, BUT Before you go crying to mummy that weve been picking on you, you will see 0.9.4 very soon, we have some 64bit bugs in windows to sort out, along with some excellent fixes for games such as Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas so it will be worth the wait.

    As a consolation, if you are in to Dreamcast emulation, the long awaited nullDC has just been released, you can grab it here

    Just to excite you a little more, here are a few shots ive taken with some of the new fixes for 0.9.4. Enjoy


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