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Dienstag - 25.03.2008

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ZeroSPU2 v0.4.5 um 17:16:34 von kallez
ZeroSPU2 ist ein Sound-Plug-In für Playstation 2 Emulatoren.
    As part of my worldwide beta testing program im releasing this improved ZeroSPU2. most of the time you wont notice a difference! but those picky games may get less picky (Wild Arms 5, Devil May Cry, Mojib Ribbon etc)

    Noteable Changes:
    Corrected samplerate in Timestretch from 44100 to 48000

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Sonntag - 11.11.2007

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PCSX2 v0.9.4 um 13:04:17 von Hammel
PCSX2 ist ein Playstation 2 Emulator für Windows und Linux. Die wichtigsten Änderungen sind:
  • ZeroSPU2
  • new SPU2 plugin from zerofrog. It is the most stable SPU2 plugin. Also has a time-scaling feature which slows down sound when the frame rate is too low (instead of hearing popping sounds). The time-scaling feature works best under Windows, but is also implemented...

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