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Montag - 16.05.2005

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uoRIN v1.1b2_01 um 20:45:08 von winfy
Die inoffizielle MOD des RIN GB/GBC Emulators für die PSP wurde an die offizielle Version angepasst.
Die Änderungen sind mir auf Grund der Sprachbarriere unbekannt. Allerdings wurde er von einem Usern names Daley getestet. Hier sein Statement dazu:

    Ok after testing it has a few extra features than the one earlier today, you can turn sound on or off in the menu, sound is pretty good but does slow down gameplay even on the smallest screen size. It has the key config feature and the save state and load state. It doesn't have the custom background feature which is a bit annoying. Not bad but nothing big different, just more menu options which is never a bad thing. Custom menu's and it would be spot on.

Sonntag - 15.05.2005

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uoRIN v.051 um 16:14:41 von winfy
Eine weitere inoffizielle MOD des RIN v1.0 GBC Emulators für die PSP wurde veröffentlicht.
Hier findet ihr außerdem noch 2 Bilder von Daley die ihr als Menu-Hintergrund im RIN Emulator verwenden könnt (Link).
Die genauen Verbesserungen könnt ihr hier nachlesen:

    It adds support for a key config file, including mapping "Rapid A" and "Rapid B" to buttons. kwn also added a picture mode and some sort of Vsync mode, although I can't tell what's new about that. L and R triggers are now default for select and start, respectively. Make sure to stick the config file in the same directory as EBOOT. Oh, and the config screen (including key-mapping)is now accessed by pressing L and R simultaneously, now.

    The picture mode allows you to display a custom .bmp for the config menu / ROM selection screen. It has to be 480x272, 24 bit Windows BMP file. And the Header has to be 0x36 bytes (? I'm a bit confused about that, if anyone smarter wants to clarify).


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