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  Interviews - olafnes

olafnes ist ein NES Emulator für Windows und basiert auf basicnes 2000 welcher von Don Jarrett, David Finch und Tobias Strömstedt geschrieben wurde. Damit ihr 'olaf' ein bisschen besser kennenlernt, hier ein kleines Interview, dass wir mit ihm geführt haben.

olafnes Homepage:

Q: Could you introduce yourself a litte bit?
A: My name is Olaf, I'm the programmer of olafnes. No, I'm not German, as misleading as my nickname and e-mail are.

Q: What were the reasons that started your programming-carreer?
A: I was really intrigued by computers at a young age, assembling them with my father. I one day picked up a book for BASIC, and from then on it's history. I've always been fascinated that I could develop my own computer software.

Q: What made you continue basicnes 2000? Why did you choose this project in particular?
A: I had always wanted to develop an emulator, and I'm fluent in Microsoft Visual Basic. I never paid attention to the basicnes 2000 project, but one day I got bored and saw the source code on Zophar's Domain. I downloaded it, and decided this was my moment to show the emulation scene what skill I possess, I suppose.

Q: When did you begin working on this emulator?
A: Last month (October 2004)

Q: What was hardest part to implement?
A: So far, the biggest task was implementing Game Genie support, and right now I only have the 6 letter codes supported. But in the future, implementing peripherals for the NES will be the hardest.

Q: Which other systems are you interested to emulate? Are there any new projects planned?
A: I really want to make a Sega Master System or Sega Genesis emulator. I plan for a Sega Master System emulator, but I'm stupid and there's no source code for a SMS emulator in Visual Basic available. I'm not a code leech, but I am just a beginner in emulation programming, I've been programming for over 6 years now though.

Q: What is so fascinating and interesting about the emulation of old systems?
A: I'm not entirely sure, however, I know it has sucked me into the vortex, there is no denying that I have been addicted to emulation for quite some time. I guess it's being able to "own" all those games I never did before, but let's keep that on the "down-low".

Q: Which videogaming systems do you own and which was your first one?
A: My first video game system was Sega Master System. I didn't own an NES until I was like... 14, and I'm now 18. I've owned many systems: Atari 2600 (many different productions), Sega Genesis (all versions), Sega Master System (3+), NES (5+), and so on... I'm a busy man.

Q: Do you spend a lot of your free time with videogames?
A: What else would I do with my free time? That question is redundant.

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