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  Tutorials - Download on IRC


This tutorial explains you how to download roms from IRC. First you need an IRC Client. I use Polaris(A modification of mIRC) in this tutorial. But you can also use the standard mIRC, because of the few changes between Polaris and mIRC. Here we go...


Ok let's start. First download the IRC client (get it in our Download Section). After you have installed and ran it, you should see this screen. Adjust everything as you see it and press Connect to IRC Server. Just retry if the first attempt fails. If you have no "euIRC" in you list, go to point 2 else go to 3.


Just write /server into the status window and press Enter. Now wait until you have a connection to euIRC.


Now write /j #roms to join the Channel.


Now everything should look like the Screenshot. In the Background you can see the Status Window. There you can enter new server or channels for example or look which files you downloaded.


Let's have a closer look on the Chat Window. Here you have to write !list to see al the File Server which are online at the moment. For testing purposes I joined an empty channel therefore you will see just one File Server. And now I would like to explain all these confusing text.

File Server Online: means the File Server is Online ;)

Trigger: This is the text you have to write to enter the File Server (In our example its !GBA)

Snagged: Shows you how many Files were downloaded from the FS.

Record CPS: The fastest Download speed which was reached on the FS

Online: Says how many Users get served at the moment

Sends: Says how much files are downloaded at the moment

Queues: If sends are full, the files in Queue are shown. This means if a download is finished the next File in Queue will be sent.

Accessed: Shows how many people have allready entered the FS

Note: Just an Information from the Servers host to say you, for example, whats on the FS.


Now you have to type the Trigger. In our example it would be !GBA. Now there should be a new Window that looks like this. And Next i want to explain the commands you have to use on a FS.


dir = show directory
cd = enter the Directory
cd.. = go one directory back
get = download file (rom)
sends = shows the actual sends
queues = shows the queue
clr_queues = remove all queues

we would like to enter the Directory GAME BOY ADVANCE.


After selecting the directory you have to write another dir to get a listing of the actual directory.


Imagine you would like to download the GBA Rom Kiki Kaikai Advance. To do this you have to type get and filename including the file extension. For longer File or Directory names you can copy the names (just mark it with the mouse) und paste (crtl+v and shift+insert).


Ok finished. Now you can take a look at downloading the file to you hard disk :) Mostly to the directory \downloads in you Polaris(mIRC) directory. If your download doesn't start within a few secounds, the sends are full and your request was put into queues. You can see when you're first in the line by typing queues or sends.


Ok, there are lots of Servers where you can get roms (or movies,mp3s etc.) but I want to give you a few servers where you can get roms and emulation stuff...

Channel: #roms

Channel: #emunit

Channel: #emuchina

Channel: #roms4free

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