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Sonntag - 26.11.2006

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PS1P Alpha 1 um 10:06:15 von kallez
PS1P ist ein neuer PLaystion Emulator für die PSP.
    This release was to be a Single Game release but AC contacted me today and changed his mind so thats great for you all, heres what he emailed me:

    The wait is worth it. I'm releasing a version that will run anything. ISO, BIN, Z and ZNX.

    The rest you know. scph1001.bin and images in the __SCE__ps1p directory.

    This version has some compatibility problems which I plan to fix soon, for example the FF7 intro movie doesn't run. You can play the game though, just get past the intro using a standard PC emulator (PCSX, ePSXe, ...) and copy over the memory card file ( mcd001.mcr or mcd002.mcr).

    Use L+R+ up/down to tweak the CPU timing.

    I think L2 and R2 aren't working at the moment too.


    P.S.: to make things clear. This emulator has nothing to do with PCSX, psx4all or any other emulator already released. The only thing I did was use for the game selection screen, the same font code that psx4all uses--it's from some GP2X demo/app.

    So its time to get trying the emulator, remember PSP News is the exclusive place where this is being launched.

    Now this emulator plays a heck of a lot of games and a big number are playable with some even at full speed, some will be slow also, but try as many as you can


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